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    Punakha, The Former Capital City

    The road winds a from Simtokha Dzong into pine forest and through small villages for 20 kms and then opens miraculously on to the Northern Ridges of the mountains. The view over the Himalayan panoply at Dorchula Pass at 10,500 ft is one the most spectacular in all Bhutan. Punakha lies about 2 hours drive from Dorchula...

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  • PARO
    Paro, The Only Airstrip

    All visitors are required to enter the Kingdom at Paro by the national airline, Druk-Air. It may be more convenient for some visitors to leave the kingdom via the southern outlets of Samdrup Jongkhar or Phuentsholing in the west. Twenty-five years ago all visitors would have had to walk five days across the mountains to reach...

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    Thimphu, The Capital City

    Thimpu, perhaps the most unusual capital city in the world, Capital city in the world, is a bustling town on the banks of its own river and set gloriously in the hills of its own valley. A regal town, Thimpu is home to the revered Bhutanese Royal family and to several Foreign mission and development projects. On the bank...

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We are Shangri-La Bhutan, an all-Bhutanese Travel, Tours & Trekking Company staffed by some of the best trained, most experienced, guides, drivers and assistants in the kingdom. We offer you an unforgettable stay in this tiny nation of little over 600,000 people, nestled amidst the jagged saw-tooth of the highest mountains in the world, and described by one New York Times Correspondent as the "Last Bastion of Mahayana Buddhism".

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Introduction of Bhutan

Bhutan, the final frontier: a magical paradise in a child’s imagination. On the roof of the world, shoehorned into the grand Himalaya, Bhutan, the Thunder Dragon, is a fiercely independent kingdom. Its isolation has helped it to repel colonists and its geography has enabled it to remain free from the acquisitive whims of its giant neighbours. In a world where all countries are intertwined with economic and political treaties, Bhutan stands alone – self-sufficient and proud of it. The kingdom asks for few favours and expects little in return. To visit Bhutan, email us at